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OMJ Media have been working with clients in Asia Pacific for almost 20 years to help them get a better return from their advertising. By working with leading business publishing brands, such as the Harvard Business Review (HBR), we are able to offer unique media and content programs to help clients in their B2B campaigns reach, and engage with, the most senior level executives and influencers, globally or in Asia.


OMJ Media work with clients in markets such as Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia on regional and global digital campaigns with a variety of clients, many from the technology sector, including clients such as Google and Microsoft.

Working with HBR Analytic Services we are able to offer sponsorship opportunities for: Research, Whitepaper & Sponsored Content programs, developing content ideas to provide unique thought leadership branding, prospect nurturing and lead generation platforms.

We also develop ideas with clients for live or digital events, leading to multi year programs that provide high value content assets for the client and highly qualified executive level leads.

In addition we work with a network of partners on more specialised offerings for B2B campaigns now demanded by clients such as enhanced social media and mobile programmatic advertising programs.

Jeremy Orritt
Founder and Director

Jeremy Orritt, Founder and Director of OMJ Media, has over 20 years experience in working with clients, managing sales teams and media brands in Asia. Prior to founding OMJ Media in 1999, Jeremy worked for two of the world’s largest information publishers, as Head of Sales & Marketing at Financial Times Law & Tax, part of the Pearson Group and as Publisher at Sweet & Maxwell Asia, part of The Thomson Corporation

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