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Featuring the ideas and research of the world’s leading thinkers, experts, academics, is focused on knowledge, while other business brands report on yesterday’s news. Readers come to the HBR brand in a proactive search for new ideas and approaches seeking to improve their personal and organizational productivity and performance.  HBR is a mentor by providing tactics and ideas for addressing business challenges. HBR is a muse by sharing the ideas and thinking of smart people doing smart things that help inspire personal and professional growth.

  • HBR does not publish business "news" - but ideas

  • Ideas to help improve businesses and the executives that lead them

  • Topics include: strategy, innovation & leadership

  • Read by C- level execs, senior managers, emerging leaders/entrepreneurs

  • 300,000 paid print circulation - Global

  • 25,000 paid print circulation - Asia Pacific

  • 12,000,000 monthly unique users of - Global

  • 2,500,000 monthly unique users of - Asia Pacific

  • Over 12 million social media audience​


OMJ Media have been working with HBR for over 15 years to bring media & content opportunities to advertisers and sponsors. Helping them reach, and more importantly engage with, time poor high level executive readers through targeted media buys and, co-branded content, webinar and research/whitepaper sponsorships.

MEDIA - proven premium banner advertising and innovative podcast programs.

CONTENT - Thought leadership branding and highly effective executive lead generation webinar and whitepaper programs.

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