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Jeremy Orritt, OMJ Media


What is Advocacy Marketing? 

Simply put, advocacy marketing is a form of marketing that encourages existing customers to talk about your company and its products or services. Data suggests reaching out to customers to help promote your brand is becoming more important. LinkedIn research found that 84% of B2B buyers now start the buying process with referrals; yet only 20% of brands use advocates in their marketing programs.

Jeremy Orritt, OMJ Media

Why is everybody talking about ABM? 

First off though, what do we mean by ABM or Account Based Marketing?

Perhaps this is one of the simpler concepts to define as the clue is in the title: it is marketing to specific accounts rather than to the general market, indeed almost to the point where I would call it more sales (selling to one) than marketing (selling to many). A more precise definition though might be: applying coordinated marketing campaigns to a list of high-value prospects.

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