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How to improve the performance of your webinar

Rather than write a full article on the subject these are the show notes from a recent webinar on the subject that capture the essential ideas.

How important are webinars for marketers, especially in Asia?  

- 73% marketers say it is the best way to generate leads - 44% plan to increase investment in webinars

- Effective for business leaders, 50% say they use webinars to consume business content - 40% say its most effective way to consume content

- Not many figures for Asia, though 60% of marketers use webinars in Singapore (And I am receiving more enquiries about webinars)

- ON24 (The webinar platform) report almost 1,800 webinars took place in Asia Pacific using their platform in 2019

What are webinar best practices?

- According to Gotowebinars (Another webinar platform) Mon-Wed are best days to promote (Tue best day) and 8-10am best times

- Email is still the best channel (73% of registrations), the longer the better to promote but most results happen week before webinar

- Generally Wed or Thu best days to have webinar, at either 10am or 11am (Does vary though according to market)

- 60 min webinars attract more registrations than 30min webinars and marketing webinars average 30-40% live attendance

How can we improve the effectiveness of webinars?

- ON24 recommend make the event feel more live, use extensive Q&Q and surveys, treat as engagement not just lead gen.

- Use audio, not just video, 60% of webinars are audio, evidence suggests audio works better for execs to consume and retain content

- Use shorter webinars, more focused content to create great personalisation - and repurpose for ABM campaigns

- Consider "always on" webinars that are activated when prospect view your site, capture the moment they are most interested.

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